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Races of Alura

Charr Located: Mainly in the northern forests and the Mountains

The charr in nature with a normally hunched posture and are carnivorous feline-like humanoids. They stand on their hind legs and are taller than a human by half of an average human’s height. They are covered in fur from head to toe in a variety of colors and patterns, many of which are similar to those of lions, cheetahs and tigers. They have 2 pairs of ears, the top pair of ears hears high frequencies or ultrasound such as a dog might, while the bottom pair hear low frequencies or infrasound similar to an elephant. They have two pair of horns, and the standard set of teeth and claws for felines. Many charr have a longer mane of fur between the shoulders and on the back of the head and neck. A male charr has less fur on the tail with longer fur only on the tip, while the female’s tail has longer fur from top to bottom.. When they are moving, and their paws are unoccupied, the charr favor running on all four limbs with a loping gait. While the males are described as being generally stronger and the females more lithe and quick. The charr muzzle is elongated and the mouth filled with prominent sharp teeth suited for their carnivorous diet. The teeth are larger on the males, particularly those on the bottom jaw which are usually considerably smaller on the female.

When the Elves first came to Charoka, the Charr were already there. All its lands were their hunting grounds, all its creatures their prey. The elves drove the Charr northward deeper into the forest and up the Mountains to found their kingdom, and resisted them when they sought to regain their lands. The Charr now live in the North, Occupying the forest and a few tribes in the mountains. They were a broken race living in scattered tribes until the day the star fell, They saw this as a sign from the gods and united as one to claim the star.
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Orcs Located: In the Western Mountain ranges

Orcs are savage raiders and pillagers with stooped postures, low foreheads, and piggish faces with prominent lower canines that resemble tusks.

The orcs were one of the last race to inhabit Alura, A mighty Orc Leader Urok Thrum bought his Spellbrand Tribe over to try to claim the mountains, he learned they had been taken by the Gnomes. He tried to lay claim to the forests, but those had been settled by the elves. Each place that Urok Thrum wanted had already been claimed. The others laughed at Urok Thrum, but he responded with a furious bellow. Grasping his mighty spear, he laid waste to the mountains, set the forests aflame, and carved great furrows in the fields. Such was the role of the Orcs, he proclaimed, to take and destroy all that the other races would deny them. The shaman in this specific tribe like to dabble within the arcane and stumble across a way to enhance the abilities of his tribe via Spellbranding. A Arcane ritual would be performed when the young came of age branding them with strange glowing tattoos that also gave them special enhancements.
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Humans Located: Scattered all over Alura

Humans originally arrived to Alura as slaves to the Orcs but after the devastation left behind after the war for the fallen star a lot of them were able to escape others were killed. For years they laid low integrating themselves into other societies but now the human race is gradually starting to increase no longer in fear of slavery

Elves _ Located:_ Mainly in Eisor and on the eastern coast

Most elves dwell in small forest villages hidden among the trees. Elves hunt game, gather food, and grow vegetables, and their skill and magic allow them to support themselves without the need for clearing and plowing land. They are talented artisans, crafting finely
worked clothes and art objects. Their contact with outsiders is usually limited, though a few elves make a good living by trading crafted items for metals (which
they have no interest in mining). Elves encountered outside their own lands are
commonly traveling minstrels, artists, or sages. Human nobles compete for the services of elf instructors to teach swordplay or magic to their children.

Gnomes _ Located:_In the mountain ranges to the West

Gnomes made their homes in burrows in the mountains. They live mainly underground but have some settlements on the surface , enjoying the natural, living world on the surface whenever they can. Their homes are well hidden by clever construction.
Welcome visitors are quickly ushered into the bright, warm burrows. Those who are not welcome are unlikely to find the burrows in the first place. Gnomes who integrate themselves into other communities are commonly gemcutters, engineers or tinkers. Some human families retain gnome tutors, ensuring that their pupils enjoy a mix of serious learning and delighted enjoyment. A gnome might tutor several generations of a single human family over the course of his or her long life.

Monadh – Extinct _ Located:_ all over Alura

Monadh kingdoms stretch across the surface of Alura and also deep beneath the mountains where the Monadh mine gems and precious metals and forge items of wonder. They love the beauty and artistry of precious metals and fine jewellery, and in some this love festers into avarice. They are expert stone masons and visionaries and excel in creating massive structures of stone and steel. The chief unit of Monadh society is the clan, and
Monadh highly value social standing. Even Monadh who live far from their own kingdoms cherish their clan identities and affiliations, recognize related Monadh, and invoke their ancestors’ names in oaths and curses.To be clanless is the worst fate that can befall a Monadh. Monadh in other lands are typically artisans, especially stonemasons, weaponsmiths, armorers, and jewelers. Some become mercenaries or bodyguards, highly sought after for their courage and loyalty.

Aarakocra Located: In Eidolon and the isles to the South-East

The resemblance of aarakocra to birds isn’t limited to physical features. Aarakocra display many of the same mannerisms as ordinary birds. They are fastidious about their plumage, frequently tending their feathers, cleaning and scratching away any tiny passengers they might have picked up. When they deign to descend from the sky, they often do so near pools where they can catch fish and bathe themselves. Many aarakocra punctuate their speech with chirps, sounds they use to convey emphasis and to shade meaning, much as a human might through facial expressions and gestures. An aarakocra might become frustrated with people who fail to pick up on the nuances; an aarakocra’s threat might be taken as a jest and vice versa. The idea of ownership baffles most aarakocra. After all, who owns the sky? Even when explained to them, they initially find the notion of ownership mystifying. As a result, aarakocra who have little interaction with other people might be a nuisance as they drop from the sky to snatch livestock or plunder harvests for fruits and grains. Shiny, glittering objects catch their eyes. They find it hard not to pluck the treasure and bring it back to their settlement to beautify it. An aarakocra who spends years among other races can learn to inhibit these impulses. Confinement terrifies the aarakocra. To be grounded, trapped underground, or imprisoned by the cold, unyielding earth is a torment few aarakocra can withstand. Even when perched on a high branch or at rest in their mountaintop homes, they appear alert, with eyes moving and bodies ready to take flight.

Pandarian _ Located:_In the mountain ranges to the East

Pandarians are very large pandas that stand on two legs and are extremely muscular. They have countless combinations of white fur with black patterns on their torsos. They stand anywhere from 6’ to 9’ tall, their eyes are red or gold depending on their alignment (Red for Evil and Gold for Good, Neutral can choose).

A few centuries ago, an elven mage went particularly insane after discovering what he could do to animals with his powers. He proceeded to make countless animal hybrids looking for the ultimate predator, while some of them did not meet the standards he had set out for himself they still were worth keeping around. The Pandarians are just such a creature, the wizard crossed pandas with the largest orcs he could find, the resulting animal was a bipedal intelligent panda with the capacity to speak. However the Elven mage did not anticipate how intelligent they truly were when he kept them as bodyguards, the Pandarians began plotting against him and eventually escaped. Since then they have been living in the forests around the world and try to put their origin behind them, the only trace of the wizard’s magic left is the Pandarians eyes which glow with the residual magic in them.They live in communities just like most other races, they build villages out of a series of tree houses and bridges linking them. This allows for camouflage and protection from anyone or anything that may be trying to hunt them down. Typically Goliath Pandas keep to themselves and their communities but lately they have been venturing out into the rest of the world, learning the variety of combat styles and magic, and joining groups to travel the world and take part in adventures.

Races of Alura

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