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Kingdom of Alura

World: Argatore
Kingdom: Alura

At the beginning of time Haku flew around the cosmos looking for a good place to birth her children, She gave birth to 6 children Yakul, Kitsune, Obaba, Kord, Tulu and Argatore. Argatore didn’t survive the birthing procedure Haku was deeply saddened by this and out of her tears she created the ocean, His bones became the land and the mountains, His hair became the trees and the grass. Thus creating the world of Argatore she tasked each of her children to create life within the newly formed Argatore. Tulu who resented his Mother for desecrating his brothers remains resigned himself from the mortal realm and hid away in the shadows.


Alura was originally native to race of Monadh who lusted for knowledge and greatness. Started out as a few small tribes but soon united in their ways joined together to create a great and poweful kingdom. They had a passion for building and crafting and there was nothing they couldn’t create. Great stone cities were raised along with great and powerful temples and monastrys for the gods. They excelled that much in erecting cities that most of the buildings are of Monadh creation. Their lust for knowledge eventually caught up with them the Monadh mages delved too deep into the mountains in search for arcane knowledge and disturbed something from its slumber. The corruption rose up from its bed and cursed the Monadh slowly destroying them. Still births were increasing and their race started to dwindle. Not much is known about these days but people believe that the corruption that they disturbed from its slumber was Tulu still in anger for what his mother did to his brothers remains. All that is left of the Monadh now is there cities and creations. They are known to the Races of Alura as the Makers. Occasionally there are some unusually large births on alura and some people still believe that Maker blood still runs in some lines.

The only other race that occupied Alura during this time were the Charr whose tribes barely left the Forests. They believe that Yakul protected the forest during the great corruption which in turn protected them.

The elves were next to arrive on the eastern shores pushing the charr tribes further North deeper into the forests and onto the mountains.
It was round this sort of time that events started to be documented and a calender was created this was the year 0AM(after makers)

Year 25AM - An orc tribe came and settled in the mountains to the east their shamans heard about the arcane knowledge the makers found in the mountains and began delving and researching believing that it carried the answer to enhance their spellbranding ritual.

Year 258AM - The Forest Charr Tribe and the spellbranded Orc tribe find themselves on the brink of all-out war when a falling star lands on the border of their respective kingdoms. The Charr revere the star as sacred and believe that it is a sign from Yakul, the Orcs want only for the precious starsteel Neither side would back down causing all the Charr tribes to unite to face the orcs and war would break out that would be the most devestation Alura has seen since the corruption.

Year 268AM -The war raged on for nearly ten years and on the tenth anniversary of the star falling 3 unknown adventures showed up and assisted the Charr in their claim to the Fallen Star. It was down to the heroic deeds of these adventures that the Charr managed to clinch victory. Forever the names Wrenn Kolevra, Nym and Varis Liadon will be remembered in history for their deeds towards the charr.

The Orcs were nearly destroyed in the battle and very few survived, the once that did fled to the mountains and lift out their lives in small tribes at the peak of the mountains in the most treacherous parts. Very few people have seen the orcs, Only leaving the mountains when they have to.
When the orcs originally arrived in Alura they bought over Human slaves and after the devestation left behind after the war for the fallen star a lot of them were able to escape others were killed. For years they laid low integrating themselves into other societies but now the human race is gradually starting to increase no longer in fear of slavery.

Year 423AM – An Elven mage by the name Veruthian Rolodhren was said to have gone insane and stood trial in Eisor for crimes in experimentation on animal and human cross genetics. Unknown how, he managed to escape his cell and fled to the mountains in the east know that he would be unable to be followed as the mountain range is said to be treacherous and unpassable. He carried on with his experiments up in the mountains and successfully created a race of humanoid pandas named Pandarians. He underestimated their potential for intelligence and after being kept as slaves for numerous years they banded together and destroyed the lab and killed Veruthian. Venturing further up the mountains the Pandarians settled and remained until their numbers increased even though they are still a relatively young race its not unusual to see Pandarians across Alura. Many have ventured down from the mountains and have intergrated themselves into normal society many becoming bodyguards or merceneries.

Year 876 –The Great Divide – An Aarakocran Military leader known as Ikki Kleek believed the Aarakocra are the ultimate race and deserve a higher standing within Alura. So he assassinated the king of the Aarakocran and pursaded the people to accept him as there new King. He built an army and led it over to the mainland in a quest to dominate the kingdom of Alura and establish rule over all. The Southern lands weren’t ready for his attack and were easily overthrown. The northern races had time to prepare and oppose him the Gnomes, The Elves and The Charr all united and held him at bay. After 7 years of war Ikki Kleek surrendered to the North. He came to an agreement with the leaders of the northern races that he would leave them be if they leave him be. Alura then became two regions the south named Oshan ruled by Ikki Kleek and the north ruled by a council of the race leaders called Charoka.

Year 1250AM – Present Day

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